Three Realms of the Unconscious: Part 1


With all this exploration of the inner psychic structure of the human being, we now come to a vital point in our discussion.  This is the distinction between the subconscious and the unconscious…

Psychologists fail to draw a sharp distinction between the subconscious and the unconscious.  The two states are not synonymous.  Like a rainbow,, consciousness is comprised of three primary divisions: “I-consciousness” or superconsciousness, preconsciousness, and subconsciousness.  All of these levels are but colorful spans-of-knowing that may be likened to a rainbow rising up from and sinking into the horizon of the unconscious, an unknown world, the great promise in life, man’s kingdom which has not yet “come” to him.


The brilliant psychologist/poet Harold McCurdy writes, “The intensity of ‘I’-consciousness varies through an immense range but once it has arrived it becomes a point of stability in the flux of experience.”  He pointed out the reality of outside forces intruding on consciousness, sometimes taking full possession and…

…producing unwanted, irrational desires over which the “I” has no control, so that the conscious “I” is not “master in it’s own house.”  Because “I-consciousness” is not a constant as would be Lord who neither slumbers nor sleeps – because it is such a variable and is not “master” – it cannot itself be the Self that man is conscious of when he experiences “I-consciousness.”  In the view of this study, “I-consciousness” coincides with superego.  Like the disciples sleeping as ImageJesus agonized in the Garden, it cannot always be awake; Jesus’ foretelling that Peter would deny Him dramatizes that superego is not the psychic master in man, although Peter’s grasp of the Christ in man symbolizes the coming of “I-consciousness” to the superego-group.

Here we see that Peter as a member of the superego/disciples/elect, is the particular outer symbol of I-consciousness, which recognizes the coming of Authority-Ego in the human being.  And this recognition of the coming of the Christ in man is what is symbolized by Peter holding the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

In Part 2 of this this post we will look into the preconscious and subconscious levels of our psyches.  Until then, peace…

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