Sex, Love, Marriage, and Divorce…

On the issues of sex, love, marriage and divorce, Harold pits St. Paul against Jesus in a match to the death.  No, not really.  But he does show how their views are at odds with one another.  Let’s begin with his statements about St. Paul:

St. Paul wrestled mightily with the Freudian god, sexual libido, as is Imageevidenced by these words: the “immoral man sins against his body….You are not your own, you were bought for a price; then glorify God with your body….It is indeed ‘an excellent thing for a man to have no intercourse with a woman’; but there is so much immorality, that every man had better have a wife of his own and every woman a husband of her own….”

Now Harold goes on to contrast Jesus’ understanding of the situation…

When one gathers Jesus’ words on the subject of sex, he sees that Jesus expressed a very different attitude toward sexuality from that expressed by St. Paul.  In answer to the Pharisee’s question of divorce, He refers to Scripture that attests to the need, right, and desirability of male and female to engage in sexual union: “Have ye not read, that He which made them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?”

Because God, Love, joins them, male and female are not to be put asunder – thus in Jesus’ view it is not an “excellent thing to have no intercourse with a woman.” 


Continuing on the Pharisee’s question on divorce, Jesus doesn’t say divorce should be prohibited, but that it arises as a misunderstanding of the reality of the situation, which is the innate equality between male and female…

Nor are man and wife to be put asunder by a law which does not reflect the true nature of their being – (Jesus) says Moses’ bill of divorcement was given because of the “hardness of men’s hearts, but from the beginning it was not so.” The hardness of men’s hearts causes them to deal inequitably with their wives – in pointing to the beginning, Jesus presents the innate bisexuality and equality of man and woman which society no longer recognized.


We will continue exploring the innate equality of male and female in our next post.  Until then, peace…


5 thoughts on “Sex, Love, Marriage, and Divorce…

  1. Read “The Lost Books of the Bible to understand the original story of Adam and Eve as being one. And the original sin… the sexualization of the human/body…temple. Jesus revealed as much as He could to humans who are asleep in their bodies/tombs living a dream, a phantasmagoric nightmare…called life. Jesus was a forerunner, and came at the cyclical period….about every two thousand years wherein…truth is given to the “fallen”…humans. He was of the Order of Melchisedec…the “Order of Immortals”.
    In Hebrews Chapter 5 Paul makes it very plain. Verses10 and 11 and Chapter 6 verse 20 and Chapter 7 verse 1 to 3
    Yes Paul wrestled with the Freudian god the sexual libido….but it wasn’t Freud’s libido…It’s everyones who is born to and in a sexual body. Jesus transcended all of that. And in truth, everyone must do the same. And even here, Paul profoundly knew this… the 15th Chapter of First Corinthian composed of 58 verses Is Paul’s supreme endeavor to prove that Jesus “descended” from his Father in heaven into this human world; that he took on a human body to prove to mankind by the example of his own life that man could change his mortal body into an immortal body; that he did conquer death; and it is the destiny of humans to do the same. But as Jesus said…..”few have the gift”. In time…..they will. So don’t dismiss Paul….he of “vicarious atonement” and a slave to lust and dust. As Harold says….he dragged Christainty into the modern world of quantum physics. Jesus was Light. And on the road to Damascus Jesus blinding light transfixed Saul….how so? Jesus having make himself perfect…..was Light….self illuminating. His light…cast no shadow. This is why Jesus only possession was his robe. He hide is Light….we have read what it did to Paul. We all must become Light….and whole/one again. As we are now….we are retarded…matter, trapped (by our own doing) in broken sexual bodies…of death. Jesus as a forerunner overcame all this…..we too will do the same….when we are whole…..”one….is your teacher”.

    1. Thank you for chiming in, Mo. I very much appreciate your contributions! I myself don’t completely agree with the “Jesus vs. Paul” aspect that Harold seems to invest in quite a bit in TSS. I myself am a fan of Paul, but I do think that Paul said some things that were appropriate only for the situations in which he and the churches he started found themselves, but aren’t necessarily appropriate for all people at all times. I mean, basing sexual proclivity as the sole reason for a marriage misses the entire point of Jesus’ understanding of the sacrament. And it’s a recipe for a disastrous union, unless you expect the end to come soon and the marriage is just a temporary “fix” to get you through until the 2nd coming, aka the transformation of the body into light. But then again, over indulging in sex is not the way for this transformation to take place. Which is why Paul is so cautious about sexual immorality in the first place. Concerning “the gift,” Harold has a different take on that than you. But you’re getting way ahead of me!

      1. Yeah Paul was definitely more than just what TSS presents him to be. But I definitely agree with its main point that Jesus came to destroy all pretensions to messianism…which has been the curse of human kind. Paul knew his mission was truly revolutionary. On the one hand he had to carry on the backs of Judaism the profound teachings of Jesus as only he could, presenting Jesus as the messiah. And on the other hand Jesus’ esoteric teachings as stated in the 15th Chapter of First Corinthians. Paul had to know all this, for Jesus revealed himself in all His glory….through a blinding light. TSS and the mysterious author uses beautiful prose/poetry to convey Jesus as that extraordinary person who indeed…was the truth and the light. But Theosophy and other esoteric teachings point to the fact that Jesus was predicted.
        I know personally of a couple of religious pastors who have The Shining Stranger. I saw it on the desk of a Science of Mind Church pastor, years ago in his study. Why do preachers, rabbis and ministers not teach this book? I once mailed an abridged copy of TSS to a religious group…and they mailed it back….saying this is not the truth or for us. They would rather keep their followers in the “spiritual night”.
        In truth TSS is too dangerous for a lot of religious folks because it would put them out of a gig.
        We still live in a messianic time. And too many people really don’t want to give up their “heroic savior” who even they may be…politician, artist, successful billionaire or sports figure. The Christ within…still waits.

  2. Also I agree with TSS that Jesus came back in the gospels He left His word. But of course you can’t tell that to the average person. Jews are waiting for the messiah and Christians are waiting for their messiah to come again.

  3. Agreed on all points here, Mo. The truth of both Jesus’ and Paul’s messages is really too deep for us to totally accept in our current state of development/evolution. The first step is for us to contemplate and read between the lines, which takes a lot of serious individual effort. Simply listening to authorities or approaching the scriptures in our everyday form of waking consciousness won’t open us up up to what the scripture has to reveal to us.

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