The Role of Marriage in the Evolution of Mankind

Jesus’ espousal of the equality of the sexes leads to his view of marriage.  Preston Harold explains:

Marriage is dealt with in the passage wherein the Sadducees confront Jesus with the concept of Homo sapiens existing forever in a place of heavenly abode: they ask, in heaven whose wife would a childless woman be had she been seven times married and to seven brothers? sadducees  Jesus elevates the question in stating that when one is worthy of eternal life marriage will no longer be.  Here, He presents the concept that man’s nature is changing; that he will come in time to know a larger freedom than the sexual freedom marriage allows; he will be whole, a Self unto himself, knowing love that needs not the bonds society imposes to cope with sexuality in this generation.  Then He poses the principle that although man has not yet realized his constant-being, life is, even now, a constant state: He points out that the dead are raised, saying, “God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to him.”  If all are living to God, then all in time will be worthy of eternal life, and this “adulterous generation,” as Jesus calls it, must be seen as only a step in the evolution of man.

Marriage is a temporary sign in this generation of what the human being will ultimately become, “whole, a Self unto himself…”  What does this mean?

male-female-equalityIn the view of this study, there is within each individual both animus and anima, male and female consciousness outgrown from Adam-consciousness, originally bisexual, into “Israel,” a world of male and female selves.  Each treats with his own sex as he treats with his own masculine or feminine being.  Humankind must become equal to itself: male and female equal and equally responsible in every sense of the word before equality among mankind can come to be – and before the individual can become equal to himself in bisexual being: man and woman, even as Adam incorporated Eve in his original being.


One’s soul may be said to represent the union of his masculine and feminine consciousness, or to be Self as Self is being developed through conscious experience with others.  The Authority-Ego may also be seen as bisexual, or as whole-being uniting within itself the masculine and feminine elements: the Self as the “us” of God, complete… The union of the Authority-Ego and the Soul born of consciousness when the Soul is fully enunciated, appears to be the goal of man — whole-being then embraces whole-being to give rise to a new being more richly endowed than Homo sapiens.

In the next post we will look at what is needed for the union of the masculine and feminine principles to take place.  Until then, peace…

2 thoughts on “The Role of Marriage in the Evolution of Mankind

  1. Kent,

    So true! I also see marriage as symbolic of a state of consciousness before man incarnated. Of course returning with a greater self-awareness as a result of this union afterwards brings a glory of its own!

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