Male and Female United

For the goal of humankind to be realized, the union of the masculine and feminine elements Imagemust take place.  But how is this achieved?  First we must realize that tradition has named the completion of this union the “Adam Kadmon,” or “Great/Universal/Primordial Man.”  The Swiss Jungian psychologist Marie-Louise von Franz writes:

The many examples coming from various civilizations and different periods show the universality of the symbol of the Great Man.  His image is present in the minds of men as a sort of goal or expression of the basic mystery of our life.  Because this symbol represents that which is whole and complete, it is often conceived of as a bisexual being.  In this form the symbol reconciles one of the most important pairs of psychological opposites – male and female.  This union also appears frequently in dreams as a divine, royal, or otherwise distinguished couple.


Preston Harold tells us for this union to completely take place, we must understand what part of our inner makeup is male and what part is female.  In many traditions, the soul is seen as the feminine element, while the spirit or ego is seen as the masculine.  Harold says this falls short…

More often than not the Soul is thought of as the feminine element in one’s being versus the “Great Man,” or masculine authority in one’s being.  Until an individual knows himself to be both male and female in consciousness and his Soul a union of these two aspects of being, he cannot reconcile his inner conflicts that reflect themselves in his attitudes toward other people…Jesus saw that because Homo sapiens Imageis as yet child, he must approach the concept of the kingdom within and it’s Authority as child – not in terms of sexuality.  That is to say, just as a child is not and cannot be competent to understand sexuality in its actual and deepest aspects, so Homo sapiens is not competent to to realize in truth or fact the meaning of the union of masculine and feminine principles; and thus one should not approach self-union in terms of designating a gender for Authority-Ego and the Soul unless he can see these psychic factors as man and woman, each bisexual, complete, equal, and equal to the other’s needs and desires, utterly empathetic.

Both Authority-Ego and Soul as psychic factors must be complete, male-female, within themselves before they may embrace each other and become the “Great Man” according to Harold.  And this must be done in the flesh, while living.  Harold says:

Suffice to say here that [Jesus] does not project Self-union to come about as consciousness abandons the flesh to remain in “spiritual state,” for He projects that man shall have life everlasting and life depends upon physical being.  Life and love embrace it, demand it, project, protect and glorify it.  Jesus projects that man shall have life and have it abundantly.  To this end is the coming of the kingdom of God within him.

Since Jesus is the perfect representative of this union in the flesh, I am here Imagereminded here of 2 John 1:7:  “Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh; any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

Until next time, peace…