Leaving the Nest

The human being is driven by irrational desires to push the body and mind to the limits constantly.  Who hasn’t heard the inquiry, “Why  would a person want to climb Mt. Everest?,” followed by the answer, “Because it’s there.”  Even great personal risk cannot inhibit the human spirit’s thirst for knowledge and discovery…

The Eden legend says a “serpent” induced Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, saying, “Ye shall not surely die…,” and she gave of it to Adam… the important point is that neither the threat of death nor the promise of life influenced Eve – it was her “irrational” desire to know that led her to accept this food: the fruit was desired to make one wise….ancestral-man began to be a thinking creature early in the day of his being and thought irrationally enough to risk death to gain freedom from ignorance though he was well provided for in his bondage.  


Man’s irrational desire to know leads to his having to work.  He leaves his parents home and strikes out on his own.  But where does he learn his skills to survive and fend for himself?  Harold ruminates:

Man’s life changes completely as it shifts from Eden to the ground of Imagethis world wherin work, now seen to be his saving grace, has been imposed on him…. Who taught him to work?  Did he learn from the ants – oldest cultivators of the soil and keepers of flocks, making war and capturing slaves, suggesting human beings – pyramid, apartment house, and tunnel builders that they are?  Man appears to possess many of their instincts, and yet he is not of them. 

 Irrationally, man keeps on seeking more than survival; irrationally, he still thinks he would rather his species die than survive in a new type of society resembling all too closely an old, old ant heap.  He cannot function as a human being without love…Eve’s act precipitated ancestral-man’s expulsion from a gardener’s job in a world that knew not love and hung only upon the idea of survival. 

Once work outside paradise becomes a reality, what roles do the female and the male play to survive?  We will explore that in our next post.  Until then, peace…

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