Birth Legends and their Meaning

Image“Moses (Birth of the Hero)” by Frida Kahlo

Now that we’ve seen that the Noah story hides a deeper meaning of how human beings are brought through the waters and into the birthing process, what does Preston Harold have to say about birth legends, those stories which tell us about the special circumstances regarding the births of heroes, religious founders and saviors throughout the world?

There is one crucial point stressed in all birth legends. Whether the child is born of royalty, or is rescued by royalty and brought up as their own, or whether he is born of humble people, or is rescued by them to become a king, in sum the birth legends say that man is borne down the river of life into loving adoption by the parents who draw him from the birth waters, and that whatever his race and upbringing, he is of royal potential, destined to be a monarch in his own right. So many legends tell of this humble upbringing, because in evolution’s light the parent generation is always of more humble status, more primitive, than the child that comes to and through them, because the child is born into an environment embodying wider consciousness which he falls heir to at the moment of his birth.

Harold’s emphasis here is on adoption, which reminds us that our earthly parents are only stewards, that our real parent is God, and that we are all in truth God’s children.

Harold now takes us deeper into the birthing process:

But to understand fully the origin of man, one must attempt to understand what impetus drives the sperm cell Imageinto the ovum. This act, as well as fetal development and birth, is an unconscious process – one must find a birth legend related to the unconscious domain and the power of life within it. Jesus’ birth legend, which resembles in some ways that of the light of Asia, Lord Guatama, comes to mind.

Following his thesis, Harold will take us into the unconscious to explore why and how pregnancy happens, and it is here we will find his key to understanding and interpreting virgin births. Until next time, peace…

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