Parthenogenesis: Initial Considerations


Before we consider the possibility of human virgin birth in full, it would do well for us to keep a few considerations in mind. First of all, definitions and thoughts:

 –Parthenogenesis: reproduction by development of an unfertilized usually female gamete that occurs especially among lower plants and invertebrate animals

 In humans, parthenogenesis would be self-fertilization, by techniques such as supplying an additional nucleus from the mother, which would permit a woman to have a child that is not the child of any male.

 -Pseudopregnancy: a psychosomatic condition that produces the exact appearance of a true pregnancy, which progresses up to the final hour when delivery could take place and it becomes evident, if it has not been detected previously, that there is no fetus to deliver. A woman is capable of producing unconsciously every symptom of pregnancy short of evolvement of the fetus.

 -Exposing ovum to sperm does not necessarily produce pregnancy. There are couples who for no reason remain childless until they adopt a child, and then they are able to have their own children. I have personally known one family where this has happened.


Preston Harold says…

Pseudopregnancy, and the strange release from sterility which so often follows the adoption of an infant give basis for believing that human birth is not a “mechanical,” physical process, although it is sexually based. A psychic factor appears to be determining on the part of parents, while something altogether outside their physical or psychic capacities acts to drive the sperm into the ovum – parents cannot will this, nor can they prevent it in normal course if they engage in the sexual act. Thus, the force that drives the sperm into ovum must be that of the incipient life itself, so that in this sense, every conception is miraculous. Each one’s body is truly of virgin flesh, untouched save by the mind-energy that constructs of the materials at hand an embodiment for its conscious expression in life. The embryo, a symbiotical parasite, is thus a visitation, and the “X-energy” that begins the process and builds the body may finish or discard the structure it has begun… The facts and theories that biologists are presenting today must turn man to question again the real parenthood of himself. This, Jesus tried to do two thousand years ago.

Jesus enters the picture! We will explore the meaning of his birth legend in our next post. Until then, peace…

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