Humanity’s True Parent

With all the facts and theories concerning parthenogenesis being presented to us today, humanity is at a point where it must turn to revisit the question of its real parenthood. Harold says this is what Jesus tried to do over 2000 years ago:

Jesus must have consented to what is written of His birth drama – to the story as Mary told it. The Gospels are an immediate account of His life and words. It is highly unlikely that his followers would so soon fabricate a baseless myth and attach it to Him. If Jesus made of Himself a symbol to convey truth, it must follow that He made, or allowed to be made, of the circumstances of His birth a legend to convey a “book of truth” compressed and refined in poetic terms – and if the man is true, the legend must stem from psychological and biological fact. Although His relationship to the House of David is drawn through Joseph, the Gospels say Jesus was born of Mary. The question is – was Jesus born of a virgin?… In legends, males are born of virgins.


Legends of virgin births apparently try to tell us that there is more involved with human sexuality than lies on the surface. Sigmund Freud reveals that he had a glimpse of deeper possibilities when confronting sexuality’s inner meaning:

“I am accustoming myself to the idea of regarding every sexual act as a process in which four persons are involved.”

Harold takes this and expounds:

As one surveys a montage of birth legends…they seem to say that in sexual reproduction a psychic condition must be met: unconsciously both the male and female inherency in the man and woman must be willing partners of God in life itself, offering their lives and substance, as were Noah and the virgin Mary; and both the female and male inherency in the man and woman must be willing to adopt the child that comes to them, as the Princess of Egypt adopted Moses and Joseph adopted Jesus.

So here we have our four persons: Noah, virgin Mary, Princess of Egypt, and Joseph.

Harold then goes on to tell us that he accepts that Mary was actually a virgin when she conceived Jesus, but also tells us that although he believes this to be true, Jesus’ birth legend is getting at a deeper truth about all humanity. He says…

Born in the manger that cradles animal being, Jesus left as His earliest symbol a fish to provide the clue: life Imagearises from the deeps of the world, of the body, and of the mind that is man. In His legend, the nobility involved is love and sharing of self and substance that a new embodiment in life may come into the world – such is the conscious or unconscious heritage of any human being. In this legend, the Father does not abandon His son – to the contrary, the identity He sends into the world is most precious segment of His very own being – each is as an only son with whom He has shared in one full measure His power and glory that His offspring might possess this freely and in full dominion.

This legend is our legend; we are not abandoned by God. Yet we are not truly free until we realize the truth of whence we come:

Jesus taught that all mankind is mysteriously conceived; He insisted that each man must, as the first step toward truth, acknowledge himself to be in life through the action of God, Father, and not through the impulse of any male or female flesh. Man will suffer the deep anxiety of illegitimacy and amnesia until he recognizes God as only parent, himself as God-son.

Let us remind ourselves of these Gospel passages:

But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who were born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh or the will of man, but of God. –John 1:12-13

And call no one your father on earth, for you have one Father – the one in heaven. -Matthew 23:9

ImageFrom these Gospel passages and Harold’s remarks, we can surmise that to be “born again” means to acknowledge God as true parent. That’s it. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. This is the realization that Jesus had, and it is the realization He calls us in to. When we realize this, we “believe his name and receive him,” we walk the way He walked, living the life to which He has called us. There are no “4 step plans” to salvation, no prayers need be said (except “thank you!”). This realization is possible for all humans, no matter their race, creed, color or religion. All of us come from the same source. Until next time, peace…

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