Society’s Pushback


Preston Harold tells us the bottom line concerning our growing into adulthood:

Man will have done with parasitic behavior when he recognizes that the one authority over him is God expressed not as Diety apart, but as the infallible law of full, free possession: what a man possesses in truth is what he holds in perfect understanding and has worked to produce. If anything be handed to him on a platter, he is beholden to the host. Therefore, each must work his way into his own kingdom.

But society puts up barriers to this happening:

Whatever the social system… man is confronted by civilization’s ever widening pattern of failure to meet his real and deepest needs. He suffers a growing awareness of his actual insecurity and senses that he is becoming a faceless creature in servitude to organized human frailty – society becomes his enemy and his compulsion to identify himself as an independent being is strongly reasserted.

But we all live within the framework of a society and we have to come to terms with that fact. How are we able to do this? This will be the focus of our next installment. Until then, peace…

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