Group Dynamics

How is mankind able face the overwhelming terror of society when he or she has loosened the parental parasitic bonds? Certainly one way to cope is by becoming a part of or identifying as one of a group. Out on our own, we immediately begin looking for new “families.” This helps lessen the blow of the avalanche of individual responsibility foisted upon us.   But does it help lead to the goal of becoming in truth a free and independent being?

…today psychology reduces the size of faceless terror by leading the individual to become part of a group, assuming a “group name” so to speak, so that he may cope with nebulousness in a smaller dose. Dr. J.H. van den Berg says: “Today, acting as an adult means acting in a team…The peculiarity of all work done in teams, however, is primarily the lack of responsibility of each of the participants. No one is responsible. No one is wholly mature.”


While I don’t personally feel that working as a part of a team guarantees lack of responsibility in all of the participants, I have experienced (and you probably have, too) the tendency of some to rely on others to do their fair share of the work. Of this, Preston Harold says…

One sees that leaning on the team’s Group-ego is but another expression of parasitic consciousness that allows Imagethe individual to escape the necessity of confronting himself in independent being, responsible to and for himself and his acts. In leading a person to use Group-ego as a crutch, the real value and need of organized effort in life is subverted. 

And dependence on the group can lead to the loss of one’s individuality. We will explore this consequence in our next post. Until then, peace.

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