A Contradiction and a Reconciliation


Jesus said, “For as the Father raises the dead and makes them live, so the Son makes anyone live whom he chooses. Indeed the Father passes judgment on no one; he has committed the judgment which determines life or death entirely to the Son, that all men may honor the Son as they honor the Father.” John 5: 21-23

Of this Preston Harold says,

Here, Jesus declares that the judgment of God on man is: life. The Father “Makes them live.” Yet, he says that the Son determines who shall live.

How can this contradiction be reconciled? If all are to live according to the Father, then why does the Son get to say “no” to the Father’s judgment and decide for himself who will live? Are they at odds with one another? Harold begins to explain:

The concept offered by this study is that the judgment of God is not to be made, but has been made, and that each person has been committed to eternal life. The only judgment God could in justice render is His own self-judgment, for He is man’s Creator. In justice, then, God cannot, does not judge man. He has committed man to life everlasting.

Okay, so there is Harold’s ruling from the Father’s point of view. Now he will explain what it means for the Son to determine who will live:

Jesus indicates that the God-cell in man, his Authority-Ego, judges his own world of selves, “himself,” or ego-group. Thus, Jesus says that the Son makes anyone live whom he chooses. The interpretation of these words offered by this study is that in the conscious domain man constantly creates images of others and refashions his own self-images. In sum, these create his personality. Within the whole of him they are as the sands of the sea. Through rebirth (reincarnation), the Son within each person makes any one of these images live whom he chooses. That is, one’s Authority-Ego determines which of the faces that compose his personality are to be carried on in the unconscious domain and which are to return to life in the conscious domain. (Parenthesis mine)


What can we conclude from this insight of Harold’s? He will tell us himself…

Thus, only “ vestiges” of former egos return to consciousness…Those of the ego-group which have loved and been loved, those which have learned, those which have been tried and found true are of the “other fold” within. Those which have erred and those untried, ignorant, or found wanting are returned to consciousness to experience good and evil that they may become conscious of life as it operates in truth and reality. To those in the conscious domain, the superego ministers.

I hope you have enjoyed this post; it was most enlightening for me! Until next time, peace…

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