The Cure for Absolutism


Preston Harold asks how The Absolute can rid itself of its absolutism:

The Cain and Abel drama presents the clue that in bringing creation as man knows it into being, the Absolute expended itself as such, having done with this evil by laying down its absolute power – which is to say, absolute power cannot now be expressed by man or God: Cain attempted to exercise ALL power, to express the absolute, to decree finality, but Abel’s blood cried out from the ground, and in dealing with Cain, the Lord did not exercise ALL power, express the absolute, or decree finality. The question becomes: how does the absolute dispose of itself?

He goes on to say that the answer is found in the words of Jesus quoted from the Gospel of John in our previous post. Jesus’ words, Harold tells us, give us the answer that

God is not now absolute. God is now power thrice stated, or twice divided – The Absolute thereby becoming Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Son-energy is manifest. The Father-energy is unapparent. The Holy Spirit is transparent – is energy-as-such entirely spent in physical terms, as it yet remains in being, absolute unto itself only. In divesting Himself of His absolute power, God divested Himself of destructive potential, or the evil inherent in the absolute – divested life of the power to express the absolute or to express power absolutely or finally. Death, or the ultimate, is finished through God’s laying down His absolute life and power, through His not-being in manifestation. Because death is finished in God’s act, death is not finality for man – life is. That life can be absolutely destroyed is the lie, gives lie to the murderer.

So it is the idea that God is still one power, yet three times expressed, that rids us of the idea of absolutism when we say, “God is one.” Harold expresses this beautifully here. We can also see this idea of God’s power expressed multiply in the Hindu idea of different aspects of the one God, Brahman: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

  hindu trinity

We will continue exploring more thoughts on the absolute and how it applies to man made in the image of God in our next installment. Until then, peace…

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