Ears to Hear

In his “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning,” Thomas Troward wrote that Jesus came:

“…not to proclaim Himself, but Man; not to tell us of His Own Divinity separating Him from the race and making Him the Great Exception, but to tell us of our Divinity and to show in Himself the Great Example of the I AM reaching its full personal expression in Man.”


Why do we not want to believe this? Why does the Church proclaim a Jesus who is ontologically different from the rest of humanity? Why is He proclaimed as “the Great Exception?” Is it because He followed all the rules? We all know he certainly did not do that! Is it because he loved perfectly? Ah, now maybe we’re getting somewhere. But in spite of His perfect love, why would he waste His time with all he taught and lived if he didn’t think we were equal to the task? Of course through His death and resurrection He “made a way” for humanity into life eternal. But there’s the rub. That one word. DEATH. Don’t like it. Don’t want to go there. Let’s let Jesus be the only one who has to die, worship Him, and that will be what saves us. But the only way our I AM fully flowers is through death. It’s a narrow path most definitely. Many are called but few are chosen and all that.  This truth terrifies our egos. And as Preston Harold explains to us that Jesus came to put the “Messiah outside of us” idea to death, we continue to not have “ears to hear…”

…true Messiah must restore to man himself the power and glory of life, freeing him in the last reaches of being from the authority of priesthood, parent, or sovereign – from all save self- governing law and the necessity to seek truth within himself…And [Jesus} allowed it that through His death drama He could reveal again a truth seen in humanity’s legends: the King’s image coinciding with the Messianic concept men hold must be destroyed in order that the image of man, each monarch of a realm of his own, may rise. This is to say, as long as man fastens his mind upon any authoritarian concept, even Babel Tower building, seeing such as this to be saving grace, he will fail to seek the governing authority within himself….The concept of Messiah as absolute authority in the social realm, be it an earthly or heavenly society Messiah masters, was destroyed by Jesus.


Let those who have ears to hear, hear! Until next time, peace…

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