Spiral Coils

A few images to meditate upon before reading this post:


 Old tree trunk with knots and patterns whirlpool ??????????????????????????????????????? whirlpool2NASA-SpiralGalaxyM101-20140505



The same principle is involved in each of these phenomena: a coiling, or spiraling action/motion. These forms are an open secret; the spiraling/coiling movement is the principal of life itself.   This movement appears from the smallest forms of life to the largest, from DNA to galaxies. One must wonder if the entire universe is one constantly rotating, coiling spiral! Science and technology have done a great service in helping us to see both DNA and galaxies with our own eyes so that we may understand and make the spiraling connection between them. But how does religion and spirituality approach these marvels? In her “Palestinian Mystery Play,” Winifred Babcock writes:

It is time for Science to take a deeper look into religious expression.

Is there an ancient and intuitive understanding of DNA-RNA, which takes the shape of a coil, a double-helix, a spiral, and is today known to be the “very stuff” of life? Genesis says that the “play of energy” that leads to the expression of life is “serpent” – a coiling action – involving an “intertwining” code script (the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life), so that a double helix and spiraling form is basic in energy’s expression.

The Shining Stranger states:

Consider that the real problem of the truth bearer who has realized hidden, inner working and would share it, is how to transmit the information. Before the second or third century B.C., a man devised a symbol to convey his realization that life is involved in a coil and coiling action, which he named Kundalini, the Serpent Power lying at the base of the spine. Did he see in his mind’s eye “something” akin to DNA, the mysterious “coil of life” that seems to be at once the mind and matter of flesh? The symbol, Kundalini, has inspired the Yogi to fantastic manipulations of the flesh. But Jesus said, in effect, that manipulations of the body are futile, for the flesh itself “profiteth nothing.”


And yet, for there to be biological life, flesh/material being is necessary. We will look at the marriage between Spirit and matter in our next installment. Until then, peace…

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