Time Maps: Part 1

In spite of many predicting when the 2nd coming of Christ will be, Jesus himself said no one would or could know:

Jesus said that the answer as to when “becoming” will be achieved is not accessible to Homo sapiens’ consciousness:

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. –Mark 13:32

Thus, only the Father knoweth the hour – even as something in the unconscious can calculate time without consciousness’ awareness that it is calculating it.

Preston Harold goes on to compare a physicists understanding of time with Jesus’. He says…

But Eddington does try to picture what the physicist knows of time in a way that the layman may grasp it. Jesus also drew a word-picture so similar to Eddington’s in many respects He must have been alluding to all that men can know of the mystery of time: primarily, that consciousness cannot penetrate its secret “now” although in the unconscious time’s function or working is grasped.

Eddington explains that “Physical time is, like space, a kind of frame in which we locate the events in the external world…We have seen that there is an infinite choice of alternative frames; so, to be quite explicit, I will tell you how I locate events in my frame.” First, he depicts a number of events, represented by circles, located at random around the cross encircled, representing “I,” here-now, enveloped in an event.


Figure 2 extends the line of the cross, vesting “I” with a past: “myself” drawn through “I, here-now,” into the future.


Figure 3 depicts time as “I” am related to the world or activity of others and it may be observed that “my now” and the “now” of another are not one and the same; nor is the past and future line of time-seeing precisely the same.


Figure 4 shows a drawing of “Father Time,” as a space-time frame involving “Absolute Past” and “Absolute Future” and “Absolute Elsewhere.”


Eddington says, “No observer can reach an event in the neutral zone [Absolute Elsewhere], since the required speed is too great. The event is not Here for any observer (from Here-Now); therefore it is absolutely Elsewhere.”

Yet, “I” am enveloped in the “disappearing act” of time and although “I” cannot see “Absolute Everywhere,” somehow “I” must touch upon this realm, for it converges upon the “event” and “myself” passing, or being passed, through it as may be seen in Figure 4.

Whew! That’s quite enough for today. In the next installment we’ll look at how these diagrams pertain to the words of Jesus. Until then, peace.

3 thoughts on “Time Maps: Part 1

    1. Thanks Nina! I am quite aware of Steiner’s Christology and Christ’s second coming in the etheric. I have studied Steiner’s work going on 20 years now! I own waaaaay too many lectures; LOL. My favorite anthroposophical writers include Emil Bock, Dennis Klocek, and Georg Kuhlwind among others.

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