Noogenesis and the Psychic Law

In this study, the second law of thermodynamics is seen to parallel the psychic law Jesus spoke of, saying that it must be fulfilled to the last iota, that it is far easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for this law to fail.

To suggest that something in man, or in consciousness, parallels entropy’s increasing measure will, no doubt, appear fantastic to many scientists – yet, a great scientist, Teilhard de Chardin, writes:


…there is in progress, within us and around us, a continual heightening of consciousness in the Universe. For a century and a half the science of psychics, preoccupied with analytical researches, was dominated by the idea of the dissipation of energy and the disintegration of matter. Being now called upon by biology to consider the effects of synthesis, it is beginning to perceive that, parallel with the phenomenon of corpuscular disintegration, the Universe historically displays a second process as generalized and fundamental as the first: I mean that of the gradual concentration of its physic-chemical elements in a nuclei of increasing complexity, each succeeding stage of material concentration and differentiation being accompanied by a more advanced form of spontaneity and spiritual energy. The outflowing flood of Entropy equaled and offset by the rising tide of a Noogenesis!

So what is Noogenesis? Noogenesis is concept expounded by the French paleontologist/Jesuit Priest Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard saw Noogenesis as the psychic counterweight to Entropy; it is the beginning of conscious, reflective thought, something in all of creation which only human beings are capable of. With Noogenesis eventually comes the creation of a new atmosphere of thought, the Noosphere. The continued linking and merger of human thought via human socialization is Noogenesis. For Teilhard, the same attracting force that brought material creation into existence now exerts that force in the psychic network that will ultimately lead to a universal human community bonded by love. This is especially propelled forward by the expanding awareness of the suffering and diminishment of ourselves and others, which can also be seen as the growth and enlargement of empathy. This will be a “second coming” of Christ and for Teilhard it is the goal to which all evolution is leading.


Preston Harold continues…

Again, this study proposes empathy to be the psychic measure which constantly increases, which may be arrested under certain conditions, but which can never decrease or be “undone.” Omar Khayyam, “who stitched the tents of science,” spoke poetically of a psychic parallel to that which is irreversible. Is it empathy which is written? – when:

The moving Finger writes; and having writ,

Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.


There has been a constant increase in human understanding. This cannot be spelled out on paper any more than entropy’s measure can be written out in decimal figures, but empathy must be calculated in dealing with men in society – for example, efforts to abolish racial discrimination bespeak it. The increase in empathy reflects, no doubt, the increase of disorder, psychic and public, born of man’s social striving, but by its very nature empathy is redemptive: it is knowing with the whole being the truth of the whole situation.

Sometimes it seems to me this can’t be true. Has there been an increase in human understanding? What about all the racism, sex trafficking, and other social ills that still overrun our society and are part of the “Domination System” so expertly expounded on by the late Walter Wink? Human beings will continue to be human beings, right? But then it seems to me that with recent major public awarenesses of injustice, especially the past few months in the United States of police overreach, that a light is being shined in dark places. “Deep cleaning” is never a pretty undertaking, and that goes for both sides of the coin. Maybe, just maybe, we are in the beginning throes of starting to “know with the whole being the truth of the whole situation.” May it be so. Until next time, peace.

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