Evil’s Quota

In order for love to thrive in its fullness, it must travel a difficult road:

By his presence a man creates a situation: poses the possibility of exerting or receiving the force of destructive or constructive potential. Is this an accidental creation? This question is not to project that the helpless victim of disaster or crime and his grieving relatives must suffer because of like suffering imposed upon another, somehow, somewhere, sometime. Rather it is to say that man’s quota of violent, destructive potential must be expended before Love can complete itself, can complete him. This quota is the same for every person, for he is no more, no less, than one and can but contain its measure, expend this measure, receive this measure. What then, is one’s measure of good, evil – the two major influences or ideas pervading the consciousness of man, causing him to express the energy of both?

Good and evil cards on a gold scale.
Good and evil cards on a gold scale.

Both positive and negative forces pervade this world. Both are necessary for life’s manifestation. It is here that we constantly fool ourselves, thinking that we must do all we can to destroy or overcome evil. But Jesus tells us not to pull up tares, because in so doing we will pull up the good wheat with them. Both must grow together until the harvest which will be the appropriate time for separation. There is obvious moral evil we should stand up against and do our best to overcome, but we fool ourselves if we think we can in someway rid the world of all evil. If we do so we rid the world of ourselves! So what is the balance between good and evil, positive and negative that is necessary for life’s manifestation.

In the physicists’ wave theory, one finds a division of energy in the frequencies associated in a light wave-group which moves like a particle localized somewhere within the area of the storm of space. A boundary to the wave-group “is provided by interference of waves of slightly different length, so that while reinforcing one another at the center they cancel one another at the boundary.” As example, in the light wave theory one finds, roughly speaking, that 1001 of the shorter, interfering, limiting waves of a wave-group occupy the same distance as 1000 of the longer waves. The numbers in themselves have no significance…274 and 273 (would work), for example. For the sake of simplicity it may be said that one frequency has a measure more in count than the other. The two frequencies are equally essential to bear light energy.

Although the frequencies are not equal, they occupy the same distance, are equal to each other in the sense that they are equal to sharing the same “house,” the wave-group that acts like a particle. To call one of the frequencies good and the other evil is pointless. Most important is their difference that allows for interaction to provide a boundary for the wave-group’s action; the one measure of difference may be seen as more: (+), good, or as less: (-), evil, or vice versa, depending on how one views the situation.


Could we think of the wheat and the tares as the different length light waves? If so, then Jesus saw both as needed to bear light energy. No wonder he told his disciples to let the “field” be, and no wonder Preston Harold claims that it’s pointless to invoke good and evil as descriptors. Could the boundary at which they cancel one another out be the harvest Jesus spoke of? Both wavelengths are necessary to create this boundary. In our next post we will explore more of the psychic parallels of this science of light. Until then, peace…

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