Judging Righteously


Human beings participate in judging every day. We have to make all sorts of judgments in order to live our lives in ways that are appropriate for ourselves and the social order. But where do we cross the line with our judging, extending this ability beyond it’s rightful bounds? Preston Harold continues to tell us this is a “big picture” issue:

The need to suffer could reflect failure to learn from experience, or failure to experience and thus to learn. This poses the necessity to teach and to learn, to experience in childhood punishment for failure to abide by nature’s laws and man’s laws because in childhood punishment can be mild. The degree, the kind, the measure of power exerted by a man and exerted upon him, particularly in childhood, makes the difference. And if “with the same measure ye mete,” it shall be meted out to you, a man who has abused the innocent, either deliberately, or through omission of his duty, or involuntarily, cannot suffer the exact same measure himself until he himself is innocent and this cannot be until he is in a new expression of conscious embodiment. Jesus said:

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.

And yes, here we have a nod to the necessity for reincarnation for true justice to work itself out. Continuing on…

Under life’s law man’s violence is expended from generation to generation – the organization of psychic energy is negotiable, and so is the disorganization or psychic random element. Each life is a totally new expression and endeavor. Each person is born innocent of what he has done and innocent of what he will do. Jesus said:

Judge not, that you may not be judged yourselves…

All men must experience all – in kind, somehow, somewhere, on some level – before life can fulfill to the last iota the law of empathy under which, without compulsion, harmony exists.

In our next installment we will look at how this law of empathy goes about working itself out. Until then, peace.

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