Striving for Equilibrium: Pt. 2

Preston Harold continues the comparison between the psychic and the thermodynamic:

If thermodynamic equilibrium is possible in an isolated, ideal environment, the psychic equivalent may exist in man now, in a part of his unconscious.

star super_f

Eddington says: “A region in the deep interior of a star is an almost perfect example of thermodynamic equilibrium.” Not in the partitioned conscious domain, not in the id, an unbounded mystery, but in the “core” of the unconscious complete empathy could exist and be the “resonator” that sounds through man as truth’s prompting and at times gives him inexpressible, complete joy in life. In order to achieve “psychic equilibrium” or to have complete empathy, the “resonator” must have experienced the full of life’s good and evil.

Harold then gives us an example of how this is displayed in the teachings of Jesus:

Eddington describes “the principle of detailed balancing” which asserts “that to every type of process (however minutely particularized) there is a converse process, and in thermodynamical equilibrium direct and converse processes occur with equal frequency.” Jesus’ teaching indicates that there is a similar psychic operation which arises because the Authority in each man’s unconscious acts directly to forgive another’s transgression. In the Lord’s Prayer, the line: “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven…” indicates that a process goes on in the unconscious which demands a response with equal frequency in the conscious domain in order to maintain its equilibrium. The clue is cast in this line: “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors…” for the world is not if – it is as. This projects the forgiving of transgression in the unconscious even as another commits it. Jesus follows the word if – if you do not forgive the trespasses of those who trespass against you, you cannot be forgiven your trespasses.

lords prayer

And now he brings a bit of chemistry into the equation.

In chemist’s terms, one might paraphrase: if you do not forgive in consciousness what has been unconsciously forgiven, you are but “half-reacted” – you must respond in consciousness to the act that takes place in the unconscious or a schism is created in inner harmony. The concept here offered is that the Lord in each man is the equal of each other such One, and is devoid of will to exercise his power against His brother in destructive manner. Destructive, abusive acts stem from the ego-group and the Lord in man forgives these transgressions because he perceives that which each violence spent the constructive potential is increased in the lessening of lust, and because He knows Himself to be equally involved in all’s expression of good and evil, in good and evil doing in life’s conscious domain.

I very much enjoy this parallel of unforgiveness and “half-reaction.” To be whole we must fully forgive in our waking consciousness. Certainly easier said than done, but it is what we are “commanded” to do. Until next time, peace.

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