The Resonance of Life


To begin our next post, we must follow Preston Harold as he takes us through the different definitions of resonance:

To the physicist, resonance means the phenomenon shown by a vibrating system which responds with maximum amplitude under the action of a harmonic force; this occurs when the frequency of the applied force is the same as a natural frequency of the vibrating body.

To the electric engineer, resonance means the state of adjustment of a circuit permitting a maximum flow of current when an electromotive force of a particular frequency is impressed.

To the chemist, resonance means the phenomenon shown by a molecule to which two or more structures, differing only in the disposition of electrons, can be assigned. Its effect is to increase stability.

To the musician, resonance means the intensification and enriching of tone by supplementary vibrations.

How does resonance work within the human being? Harold continues…

Thus, in psychic parallel each man’s existence is an only-discrete state, a particular adjustment he is making wherein he is coming to be resonant with life – as the word applies to manifesting the maximum amplitude possible to his natural frequency which, like one’s frequencies, permits two or more structures of consciousness in order to effect increased stability and allow a maximum flow of life’s current to pass through, thus intensifying and enriching his sense of being until he can make of his life a satisfaction in being sufficient to keep it in consciousness everlastingly.


But how long does it take for us to “make our lives satisfactory enough to want to keep them in consciousness everlastingly,” i.e. to overcome death?

To show the reason for man’s successes and failures in his attempts to make himself resonant, an image may be fashioned of Mach’s view, which fascinated Einstein: “what inertial resistance counteracts is not acceleration as such but acceleration with respect to the masses of other bodies existing in the world.” Poetically translated into psychic parallel, one might say that ALL, the Holy Ghost, restricts evolution’s pace, as well as the individual’s pace, to the progress made by the least one in his experiencing of solitariness as he “adjusts his circuit” to permit a maximum flow of truth through his being – so that first, last, poised, or rushing, none shall be first, last, or lost in space, but each shall become as One, the resonator operative throughout life that conscience merely introduces.

So we are all in this together, all the way down to “the least of these.” We will only rise as high as our humility will allow us. “If you wanna kiss the sky better learn how to kneel.” Thanks, Bono. Until next time, peace.

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